Monday, June 6, 2011

Mount Tibrogargan Or, How I Hiked 1.5 Mountains Without Reaching the Top

Yesterday, 20 dancers from UQ (including myself) went hiking at Mt. Tibrogargen, one of the Glasshouse Mountains at the Sunshine Coast.  Only a couple of people in our group had been there before, and so the rest of us had no idea what we were in for.  We carpooled to the mountain in the morning, and split up into two hiking groups.  They were initially dubbed the "Easy" and "Hard" hiking groups, but it quickly became apparent that it was actually "Hard" and "Harder."  I set out in the hard group (per the initial classification), along with 11 other people.  We hiked around the base of the mountain, and then up to the base of the rocky part of the mountain, where we met some climbers who told us we couldn't get to the top at that spot without climbing gear.  They told us where we should go instead, but shook their heads as if they thought we were insane.  So we hiked back down the mountain, around the base some more, and up a different path.  We hiked to the base of the rocky part of the mountain once again, at which point we decided to split into two groups: I didn't particularly want to attempt the insane, steep climb, so myself and 5 others headed back down to the "Easy" way up the mountain, while the others continued up.  My group had a nice lunch, and then hiked halfway up the mountain for a third time.  I ended up deciding not to try the last part of the trip, which was more rock climbing.  So I didn't actually reach the top of the mountain, but I had fun and got my exercise anyway!

The view from Halfway Up #3 

 The "Easy" way up the mountain; pretty much straight up, with a nice big drop-off.  The guy in the picture is ~6 feet tall, for comparison.  I didn't make it past the point that I took this picture from.

My carpool group, after the hike.  We survived!  (Photo: Marina Ar)

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